Using SMARTPHONES during concerts


I think that this is the worst thing that ever happened, smartphones.

why? why people just have to record the whole concert and take 100000000 pics?!

you paid to go to a concert, how can people have fun while holding their phones for 2 hours?
I just dont get it…

what do you guys think ?


Well, yeah, they paid with their money to attend a show, so, IMO, they’re allowed to experience it however they choose to. Within reason.


I don’t mind it when we’re talking about just a couple of photos. It’s definitely annoying when people just “watch” the show through a lens but it’s their choice.
I prefer to just enjoy it as much as possible, photos will be posted later from photographers anyways.


Well they paid for the concert, nd the whole concert will be sea of smartphones?
theyre so busy trying to relive the concert they kinda forget to enjoy it…
I get it they want to have their own memories but cmon… If I were a band member ( any band) I wouldn’t want to be in front of a whole sea of iPhones… you feel me?


Yeah it is a bit annoying that some ppl record the hole concert. Especilly they stay right in front of you ;). But it´s their choice to enjoy it this way.

Otherwise it could be nice, like in Beijing (I think it was there) when the crowd put the lights on. That was beautiful. And it´s great for all fans, who can´t attend a concert for what ever reason, that they can watch it at Youtube or other websites.


[quote=“Michael_ShamiLP, post:4, topic:12682, full:true”]Well they paid for the concert, nd the whole concert will be sea of smartphones?
theyre so busy trying to relive the concert they kinda forget to enjoy it…
I get it they want to have their own memories but cmon… If I were a band member ( any band) I wouldn’t want to be in front of a whole sea of iPhones… you feel me?[/quote]
There’s a point where there definitely should be discussion about widespread smartphone usage during a performance when it damages the overall vibe and/or your own experience as an audience member. If someone’s effort to film a show ruins the night for others, then, something should probably be said and done.

Up until that point, though, I think that people can make their own decisions, even if those choices might not always resonate with you. Technology is evolving, the way we use technology is evolving even faster. You might not consider using a smartphone to film a show a valid way to participate in or enjoy a performance, but others might find that they get more out of a concert that way. Maybe it annoys you, but, then, what’s it to you?


Using smartphone to take some photos is okay for me, but using smartphone to record the whole show, extremely bad idea for me. It’s annoying, include their selfie-stick, like I want to punch their sticks. Hahahaha


Agreed !! I cant stand them no more haha


And I paid with my money to attend a show and enjoy it, not to see a sea of smartphones. I was at shows at which I started to do some jumping etc but those people were yelling at me like “don’t jump, I’m recording now”, lol. Situation in Poland doesn’t look that bad if you compare it to some other countries, like USA or Mexico, where crowds are completely dead. And that’s sad because in 2012 Mexico had one of the greatest crowds. I was surprised when I watched LP show in Mexico from 2016 and crowd was dead.


Warsaw 2012, Wroclaw 2014, Beijing 2015, Rybnik 2015 and almost every other show since 2012. But I think it was the best in Wroclaw and Beijing, so you’re right.

I checked some of those known and loved by everyone shows and I’m a bit surprised:

Beijing is obvious, so I’m not going to post a pic of it.

Well, are Poland and China the only fanbases doing things like this?


And mostly, they’re just rich people who tried to be exist for a concert. Like in my homeland, Indonesia, when an International artist comes, rich people would buy expensive ticket. When the day comes, they just take photo and record then upload those things to social media with hilarious caption and location. The fact, they’re not really enjoy the concert.


You know, for countries any band visits all the freaking time, it is not a surprise the crowd is not that energetic. They’ve seen them live a bunch of times so it is understandable.
As for flashmobs and crowd interactions with the band with phones/led lights, it happnes almost everywhere, the photos and videos just don’t always capture it.

Plus, crowds vary from country to country. You have the crazy ones from Brazil, Italy and Russia, the typical always-hyped-up Germans etc. They’re all having fun in their own ways.

It annoys me as well when people just shoot all the freaking time but you can’t really tell them how to enjoy the show. That’s their way of having fun in the end.


But Mexico haven’t seen them live a bunch of times so I don’t understand them.
And even if LP was in a country a lot of times, it doesn’t mean something like people don’t have to enjoy the show. I like LP shows and even if any show would be my 50th show, I would still enjoy it as much as possible.


It’s not about not enjoying it, it’s how they enjoy it. It’s different… for every band, not just LP.

For example, as far as LP is concerned, 2 shows in my country; first show (and first time they ever played here) it was nuts. Show was sold out, people went crazy. Next year and 2nd time around, barely half the people showed up and the crowd wasn’t that energetic. People still went nuts but not like the first time, the hype wasn’t there.
2 years ago, in Italy, it was the craziest and most passionate of a crowd I’ve ever experienced in any of the concerts I’ve been. It was so different from my country, people react differently. Same happened in Germany.
It really varys from place to place.


In my country (Israel) we barely have bands visiting here…
so Linkin Park came for one show only and we were 20,000 people in the crowd…
it was 2010 and 80% of the crowd didn’t even touched their phones, and it was AMAZING.
but since 2011-nowdays… I went to few more concerts(Europe and america) and I could actually felt the difference between a crowd with and without smartphones…


Smartphones or not, crowds vary from place to place. Even more so from continent to continent.


Well, again,


Here’s an article I saw a while ago that caught my attention:

From my own perspective, when I’m at a concert, I have my camera on-hand, but I don’t have it out for the entire show. I might take a few pictures here and there, but I’m not glued to it. Hell, I don’t even own a phone.

Sometimes, even the talent onstage can’t help it, like when I saw the Honda Civic Tour in 2012:


Hey guys!
I tell you what: I watched some shows on Youtube and looked at the band during the concerts, while the crowd had been bouncing and singing along or otherwise - standing like a huge pack of flamingos with their smartphone-heads up!

The feeling about the show DIFFERS! It seems to me like it’s easier for the guys to play, when the crowd is active - like responding to them. Feels like they can give over 100%, when they have a proper respond, like they get charged from the crowds energy and charge the crowd with their own.

I think, LP rocks us, so let us rock them! I would like to ask one of them about it during the next live chat.


GLASSJAW put a note on their posters saying ‘please no phones’… So there was a discussion page in Kerrang magazine a few weeks ago between Asking Alexandria and Shikari… one for one against - its interesting bands have really different opinions and feelings about this too - yeah it would be interesting to ask LP in a chat!

I guess I like to take a few pics and maybe a video clip, but its all way too much fun - there is no way I could stand still with a camera the whole way through!!!