Vancouver B.C. Tickets


Anyone heading to the Sept 4th show in Vancouver, B.C. receive there tickets yet? Getting close to 2 weeks away and still not seeing them! Hoping to see them arrive soon!


Nothing yet, says they will be shipped on the 21st. Glad to see I am not the only nervous one around!


Haven’t received mine either, but I’m going to the Sept 8th show in Los Angeles, CA


My concert is tomorrow and I still haven’t got my tickets. Good luck.


Yeah, getting nervous too… Hoping the border doesn’t screw us over.


Mine is the day after yours (Sept. 5th) and I’m already starting to get nervous too!!


I’m going to the Edmonton show on Sept. 2 - The tickets are supposed to ship later today but the show is in literally 2 weeks and I’m kind of paranoid that they won’t show on time. I believe we just need our receipts and ID to get the tickets at the concert at Will Call though.


Yeah, I am going to the Edmonton show too and I have been reading around. This isn’t a problem only a few people have experienced unfortunately. I sincerely hope my tickets just arrive. But If they haven;t been noted as shipped, if you can;t track them with UPS, or if it’s been a week and you’re just freaking out, call ground control and ask them about it. As Hillarie said, you should be able to grab them at Will Call anyways if they don’t arrive.


That is good to know we can go there as a last resort! Thank you Kevin & Hillarie!


I have not recieved mine either. Crossing the fingers…


I haven’t gotten mine either and I’m going to the Vancouver one too. I hope they show up in time!


Good to know, I can get them from Ground Ctrl, if they really don’t arrive. Thanks for the heads up. Also, anyone have info on the Vancouver date as to when the show starts / when M&G usually starts, so I can plan my day out accordingly ?


How do you know if you were selected for M&G? Did they message those people only?


Meet & Greet hasnt been selected yet, but if you are selected you will receive a email, I believe a couple days before the concert.


Our tickets have been shipped…1 week to get them, crossing my fingers!


Ahh nervous as hell. I want to hold my ticket in my hand this second. Best of luck to everyone who wish to be in the meet and great. We’re getting close!


Still not tickets? Anyone else?


Nope, nothing, if they’re not here by this afternoon I’m writing in to place them at Will call and I’m printing out my receipt. This is pretty pathetic so many people are having issues with tickets. Anyone going to the M&G should point this issue out to the staff there.


I have no tickets and I’m going to the show on Saturday. I called ground control and they put me on the will call list.

Looks like Americans are receiving tickets a day or two prior and Canadians are not receiving tickets on time. Best to call them now they’ll just put you on the list.

I agree it should be brought up with a M&G (maybe write the guys and tell them the issues going on) while they’re not directly at fault (it’s not them mailing them) but it is the company the band’s reps have decided to go with. Perhaps if it gets brought to the band’s level something will be done about it. Topspin/Live Nation/Ground Control I don’t know if these are all different or not but I hate them all haha they’re terrible at mailing things on time.


who do we call?

Edit - Nevermind I guess ground control sold me the tickets.