Vancouver Rogers Arena


Hey fans,

Does anyone know the rules for Rogers Arena. I was one of the lucky ones that received a meet and greet email. I would LOVE to bring my guitar to be signed but I can not find information on if I am allowed to bring it in or will I not be allowed in. All I see is no outside food and no camera. Seen as it’s the long weekend I won’t have my answer any time soon. Thanks for all the help!


I would love to know the same… I’m planning on calling the arena in the morning to confirm. Hopefully there is some sort of security check in that we can take our guitars to and leave them for the duration of the show.


I called the arena and they said that there’s no problem bringing a guitar in - the only real problem would be that there aren’t any places to leave it. No security checkpoints or anything. You could leave it with reception but there’s no guarantee that it would be safe. (Especially with a guitar that was signed.)

I guess if your ticket(s) is/are actually seated ones, you should have no problem holding onto the guitar. If you have floor tickets like I do, then it may be a little more difficult.


If you have a guitar and your pit tickets throw it on stage and get them to play a song with it! Heck yea!


o so that was you with the white guitar and the floor tickets sup !


Haha that was me. Amazing show… such an honor to meet LP.