Various options with special features


I think it sucks that as members we purchase the CD prior to its release and then LP comes out with special editions that include additional Live tracks and bonuses and then LPU doesn’t give us those after the fact. I paid almost $30.00 for a CD I could have spent $10.00 to $15.00 on and you guys seriously don’t give us the bonus features as an add on? I’ve been a member since LPU2. I feel pretty disgusted by this.


Yes, I had similar thoughts. The faithful fans ordered their CD’s in advance. As soon as possible. And as a “Thank You” we miss bonuses like die Download recording. I think it’s maybe not LP’s fault but Warners. I don’t know. But actually I should be the opposite. The fans who order new albums early should get a bonus.


We are getting the DSP from Download. I think thats more than enough