Vegas Show in January?


I apologize if you all have discussed this (I couldn’t find anything about it), but…

I got the email a few days ago, as I’m sure we all did, about the fundraising to win tickets to a small show in Vegas in January. Anybody have any info on that?



It was supposed to be a secret show only for LPU members who fund raised a certain amount of money. But they changed it today and now it is open to all LPU members tomorrow and non-LPU members on wednesday. Hope this helps.


Yeah they announced it to be on the 10th and tix go on sale tomorrow at 10am


Thank you both! I just got my tickets, so yay!


I wonder if VIP tix will get early entry?


It should. The Hotel is selling packages that include accom. 2 tix and vip entry, which I can’t imagine being anything other than early or up-the-front- entry


Last time I saw them at this venue there was VIP early entry. But that was also before LPU got early entry, so if that is in effect, maybe it will be kinda close to the same time…


got my tickets to the show just curious if any one knows if the early entry gets both tickets bought through pre sale in or just the actual member


When I bought two tickets to the San Diego show last year, my sister still needed a lanyard to get early entry and were selling them on site at the show. Might be the same story.


The last Vegas show the staff didn’t care if anyone had one or not…at least that was my experience and a few who arrived the same time as me. We may have just gotten a grumpy staff member though…