Vegas Show: Is it confirmed that this is the only 2013 U.S. show


As we all know, LP just announced a show in Vegas in February. I’m seeing people panicking all over Facebook and Twitter that this is their only show on U.S. soil for 2013. Has that been confirmed anywhere? Or are people just making assumptions?

(Without further info, I’m doubtful that this is their only U.S. show. But if it is, it will definitely up the ante on getting tickets!)


Ug. Just answered my own question: It’s right there on LP’s Facebook page that this is their only show in the U.S. in 2013. (Reading comprehension is not what it once was!) That’s really surprising and a total bummer. Oh well. I never really need an excuse for a Vegas trip, but this just gave me a good one anyway!


i so happy i can rock out again . I jus saw linkin park at the Kroq and it was awesome … i jus hope there less bands so LP can play alot longer … LP here i come to las vegas WOOOOOOOOOOOOo …




Neither the LPU email nor the Ticketmaster page for the show say anything about any other bands, so I’m 99.9% certain this is a straight-forward LP show. They’ll probably recruit some opening act, but otherwise, just LP.


Kinda depressing this will be their only 2013 U.S. show… will go through serious withdrawals for the rest of the year!! Great that we have this opportunity though, can’t wait to go!


Okay so I’m so freaking exited that I can’t miss this show. now. Does anyone have and idea on how much tickets will be? Just to have an idea :slight_smile:


I will be one of many buying a ticket to go to the Vegas Show tomorrow… who else from the East Coast is going?


[quote=Catalyst_LP]Okay so I’m so freaking exited that I can’t miss this show. now. Does anyone have and idea on how much tickets will be? Just to have an idea :slight_smile:

The Ticketmaster link puts prices at $71.90 and $85.24 (or $87.60 and $102.40 with fees). I imagine the LPU presale will be in the same ballpark. No info on which seats are at which price. Also, are y’all reading the Ticketmaster seating chart to mean the yellow section up front is GA?


No :frowning: I wish…


I’m really surprised it’s their only North American show in 2013. Was figuring they would do a living things world tour since they only played 3 songs off the new album on the Honda civic tour. They need to show the US more love. Well at least I got to see them twice this year. Will have to hold me over until the next time they come to nj/ny…whenever that may be :frowning:


Gonna try and get tickets tomorrow and go! From VA! Can’t WAIT…have never seen them live. [biggrin]


You’re going to love seeing LP live. Where in VA are you from?


I’m from Richmond, Va


Sweet! Depending on which is cheaper, Reagan National, Dulles, or Richmond, we might run into each other at the airport :slight_smile: If you want, message me closer to the trip. We can grab a coffee or something. I love meeting other LP fans!


Hoping I can go! Saving up money right now, live over in OH and Vegas is a long way to go.


I’m going to try!!! If I can get tickets today - I’m going to make this happen. it’s 2 days after my birthday and I’ve never been to Vegas! I’m in PA. Hopefully I’ll see you there!


There’s no better way to celebrate your B-day than a weekend in Vegas. You gotta go [biggrin]


I wish but, there is no way I can afford it. :frowning:


I am from MI and trying to make it out to Vegas!! I realllllly hope I am able to go!