Venting about the Vegas show


I love how I got on-line immediately for pre-sale tickets to the Vegas show- and didn’t get the GA tickets I wanted. I ended up with regular seats…

Now I look on that thing called Vivid Tickets and there are a bunch of GA tickets that people are selling! I’m sure there are other sites that have them too. LAME!

That kind of thing should be illegal. Those tickets should only be sellable to real fans that really want to be there. I guess there isn’t a way to control that though.

I know the show will rule, as usual, but I live for the pit!

Sigh. I’m done complaining. See you all in Vegas!


I hear you !

I mean i think LPU should only be in the pit !

I got my tickets, But i might not be able to go that weekend.

But you have a point !


Adam said the pit is mostly LPU but I think people were allowed to buy up to 6 tickets so it sucks that people are scalping the tickets & trying to make money off of it. I know people that couldn’t get ga tickets & hoped some would be available in Presale or public sale but nope. This pit is super small. Ga ticket holders from LPU might try to sell them even at a discount price a week or two before the show. It’s the only us show next year so maybe if tickets become avialable through LPU members, maybe some other LPU members might be willing to buy your seats.

I hope it works out for you!


Unfortunately, a lot of the GA tickets were bought by ticket dealers who do become fan club members and use the memberships only to get to the presale ticket events. That sucks, and the LPU should find a way to somehow control that. A lot of LPUers were left without a GA ticket. I was fortunate enough to grab 3 of them:)


There has to be a way to distinguish between the real fans joining and the ticket dealers joining not just the LPU but any fan club site! Somebody should work on that, to somehow find a way. I’m lucky I got the GA ticket, but also feel bad the other people couldn’t get to them.