Verified Fan Merch Contest


So…I’ve been beyond excited since tickets went on sale, I was #3 verified fan in my city, and got my tickets. I’ve loved L.P. as long as I can remember. My daughter spent her life listening to L.P. since I did. I got her tickets as her graduation present knowing the concert was the weekend she would be moving away to college. We even got crazy awesome seats…her first concert, our favortite band…And then…this devastation occurs. I spent hours praying it was fake news…then TMZ reported, then Mike confirmed. Crushed beyond belief. His family…including the band…I can’t begin to imagine.
My daughter has raised a good question. "Mom, do you think I’ll still get the band merch at least? It will be the only thing I’ll have since I will never get to see LP now "
Those who have won…did you pick up items at the concert, or did it come in the mail? I feel horrible that I didn’t let her go to a concert when she had the chance before. I’m so horrible and now she can never have that experience.


Probably the best person to answer that question would be Lorenzo, I understand your daughter must feel so devastated for the lost opportunity, my son is going through much the same thing. I wanted to take him to Carnivores in Toronto when my husband and went and won the M&G in 2014, but we simply didn’t have the funds to do it(we live hundreds of miles from the city we flew to in order to see them) and now, I can never give him that. LP & especially Chester have been one if not the hugest influence on his wanting to become a musician while growing up. My son, who is also a singer feels very conflicted. Once the crew has time to grieve then perhaps you can get an answer to your question. I’m certain they understand basing it on their own pain just how much we are all hurting, but the band and their families have to be their first priority. They won’t forget about us. That much I am certain of.


I was #5 in my city after being bumped from #7. has anyone heard anything regarding the signed merch pkgs? I submitted my mailing address but never heard back whether i was to pick up at venue (now it’s way passed the date) or if it was being mailed out.


I also have not heard anything from anyone.


I was #1 for my city. Got an email asking for my address in lieu of what happened. They’re sending a merch package instead.


When did this happen? Any idea when they might mail things out? I sent my info in to them before the date my concert was supposed to be… Just didn’t want to keep holding out hope for something that might never come.
This is all so sad :frowning:


Hey guys.
Just wanted to update. I received a package in the mail today. It’s very bittersweet… hope you’ll receive yours soon as well.