Veteran donation to the band, I need to get ahold of Lorenzo!


This was sent to me by my dad who is currently overseas. He mentions the concert in Indianapolis i went to, which was when Chester broke his leg. I would like to get this to Lorenzo and hopefully the band because troops overseas have made a honorable donation for LINKIN PARK. This is what he told me:
"So one of he guys here has a wife back home that went to the Linkin Parj concert u went to it sounds like. Some way or another it was made known that her husband is here and all of that. The band allowed her backstage and they went through all the stuff like you guys do - u know, meet them, party, whatever else. She talked about how Chester broke his leg and so on before that concert. Anyhow, our unit flew a flag (the pilot takes an American flag with him on a soritie mission into combat zone) and then on return they provide it along with a flight certificate indicating the soritie, flight times, pilot name / call sign and sometimes munitions spent on the mission. Also it has who it’s presented to - Linkin Park. The flag and certificate was sent to the band. Just wondering if you can see if they have that posted on fb or they’re fan page or whatever. That would be pretty cool."
My dads a fan of the band and so are many troops over seas, they tell me it’s their workout music! Please get this to Lorenzo or lulu! If they can contact me on here or phone or email that’d be great! Thanks to anyone and all of us here with the LINKIN park family!