Video for chester


Hello Soldiers!!
From Mule777 and TaintedKid
As we all know, July is sadly coming soon. We put our heads together to think of a way to honor our beautiful angel. After hours of planning, we came up with an idea. We want to make a video to put on YouTube showing Chester what he means to us. We want to hear from all the soldiers! Please DM one of us, ONE of EACH of these things:

  1. A WRITTEN (all will be retyped if hand written) message to Chester, about what he means to you.
  2. Your favorite song (with Chester of course). (only one! sorry)
  3. Your favorite picture of Chester (again, only one please)

Help us honor Chester. Give back to him for all he did and still does for us! This video WILL be public on the 20th! We will include your LP app screen name ONLY. No full or real names. We respect your privacy!
:red_circle: Submissions NOW - JUNE 30th! :red_circle:


I would love to join to do this @TaintedKid


I’ll hop on too granted @NickGr isn’t planning one


I’ll send something!


great idea soldiers - I would jump in too, sure thing - but there should be another option to send the contribution- I don’t have or use the app- maybe you guys create an email adress for this project?!


This, the app is broken AF for me, took me several attempts to even log in back when I tired it.


I’m in. Can take the technical part of putting it all together )


Yaaay, hoped for you on that!! :tada:That would be awesome- cause we all know the drill already :blush:


I’m in, but don’t have D app… like @theearlywalker said… other way to do it?? :nerd_face: :muscle: :sun_with_face:
Other thing: I’m bad with vid, so can we do anything we want?drawings/writings… :blush: thanks!


@TaintedKid i’d advice you to register an email address and leave it here for media to send to


Hello everyone. If you don’t have the app place email your message, picture, favorite song (title), and username (only) to Sorry, I didn’t know there was a way to get to the Forum without the app. Thank you for wanting to do this! -TaintedKid


Or if you guys have Instagram you can DM me there. I am taintedbyemo. My profile picture is a little bunny with galaxy… so if you don’t have the app email me at or DM my instagram taintedbyemo. And please read my reply before this one for everything you need to submit. Thank you again. And me and mule777 has the making of the video under control, thank you for asking! :slight_smile: @NickGr @lpfan61


@theearlywalker @the_termin8r sorry I can only mention 2 people at a time because I am new to Forums. My Reply is above, thank you!


@melisLP @framos1792 Sorry I can only mention 2 people at a time because I am new to forums, my reply is above. thank you!


@StephLP18 sorry I can only mention 2 people at a time because I am new to forums. please read my reply above! thank you :slight_smile:


Address saved! :muscle: :sun_with_face: thanks! I’ll say here when I’ll be ready to send… :wink: have to think well on what to do… :blush: :smile:


I will have to think about this but I will do something for sure I just don’t know what yet


I followed you on Instagram. I’ll probably send my stuff there.


I’m in! I will send you an email. I will write a message and take a picture of it instead of videoing myself. I hope that is ok


Thanx for the answer, I’m still waiting for @NickGr