Video for lost in the echo


Is this track going to be released? what happened to the VIDEO for It? I read about Castle of Glass coming out in Oct…but thats way too long between song releases!


Yo tambien estoy confundido


My thoughts exactly… a month ago, it seemed like its release was imminent. But now, all I’m hearing about is Castle of Glass. Weird!


I don’t think Castle of Glass is the best option. Lost In The Echo, In My Remains, Powerless, I’ll Be Gone come way before in my LT ranking.


"Initially, the song was supposed to be released as a single on July 23rd, but was delayed due to unknown reasons to August 6th. On that day the single was again delayed to August 20th, with unknown reasons once more."

Well, it’s August 24th now… :S


Castle Of Glass is just a promo for the new Medal Of Honor as Powerless was for Abraham Lincoln movie. Castle is not a single. Mike said that probably the video will be released until the end of the month but now I think that we will be able to watch it in the beggining of September.


I’m so excited to see the video! This is my favorite song from Living Things.


Mike just said on Twitter recently that the video is coming very soon.


Here is the tweet btw:


I came here just to post this link [lol]


Oh wow! Very soon :smiley:


Can’t wait for both videos!


I came here just to post this link [lol]


Hopefully it’ll not get delayed again…


Next wednesday :3 go to




Fucking finally lol


long awaited VC :smiley:


Really excited to see what all this talk about it being interactive is about.


Just as long they release a video…any video…would be awesome :wink: