Vinyl Records


Anybody have any ideas or know of places i can get vinyl records from? I’m looking to start collecting and those are first on my list. Any help would be appreciated thank you!


Amazon and eBay are a great place to start! The presale for the Living Things vinyl is on Amazon right now. $24.50 here :stuck_out_tongue:


shopradiocast, amoebarecords, revhq, merchnow, or just the specific bands merch sites.


Linkin Park vinyls are quite expensive. Hybrid Theory, Meteora, Reanimation are your most expensive ones. These won’t go for less than $70 US. Hybrid Theory sells around $150. Meteora sells for around $120. Reanimation sells for around $70. These are just rough prices. The only places you will find these are on ebay and never new. All the rest of the vinyls can be found on the places the other people have mentioned and there are relatively cheap. $20 - $40.

It could be an option to start collecting singles on vinyl. One Step Closer is a nice item to have. $40 - $60 US. All the others you could get for around $20 US.

Happy collecting.


Not gonna lie, if i can come up with meteora and reanimation, i will drop my back left pocket for hybrid theory, i missed a last second bid war with someone for it actually. I was about to cry (Not really). But i’m on the hunt.
Thanks for all of the input!