VIP prices for North American Tour?


Does anyone know what the prices are for VIP for the North American tour? Specifically, Bristow? How can I get a VIP meet and greet ticket with a Pit Ticket instead of an assigned seat?


The top VIP package was over 1000 cad for me with assigned seating but you get to meet them and have dinner with the stage crew. Another VIP package is 500ish cad with assigned seats and backstage tour but no meet and greet. These are prices for Montreal tho


Damn! XD

I’m not gonna bother with the VIP pit. I’ll just try my luck with the LPU M&G as normal. Not sure how the on-site host thing and such works with pit tickets though. It’d be nice to go for it just for the exclusive merch and stuff, but wouldn’t that be issued at the start of the show? I’m supposed to carry all of that swag to the pit? No clue, lol.

Oh, and these aren’t big stadiums, so the pit will be nice and compact, lol.


I’m too small for the pit haha I did that once and I couldn’t see much cuz of the people in front of me but it was still a lot of fun tho. Will there be meet and greets for each show tho?? When will we know?


Usually is. Under Presale/Contests there’s sign ups for upcoming shows for LPUers to enter. So I’m sure that’s all the same. The VIP tix were a separate M&G during the last two shows I went to years ago. So likely the same.

I’m 5’3", and I’m a pit ninja. rofl.


No Pre-sale/Contest for my location.


It wouldn’t be up yet. I don’t remember the time frame, but maybe 2 or 3 weeks before the show?


Hopefully there will be in my city. I’m between 5’2 -5’3 so I prefer seats where I can see everything for most of the concert lol


I prefer trying to get someone to go to the show that want seats so that they could hold my stuff while I party in the pit. :laughing:


$750 for VIP ticket.


$750 for MG package,
$340 I think, for tour with the crew but no MG package
$240 I think, for premium ticket

Pre-fees on all those. All prices were for Phoenix.


Pit is $250, but it requires Will Call pick up for tickets. That means waiting in a long line and not getting a good spot with the gates open.


In the past, VIP in Phoenix was handed out before the doors opened and there was a separate line. Everybody had their merch/wristbands well in advance. But…things change and could be different in other cities. I just bought regular GA and will hope for LPU early entry.


I paid $395/tic for the Battle Symphony Exp… I would have bought 4 tix, if it would have let me - but only 2 were allowed. I chose that because of where the seats are located. I didn’t want PIT this time, and to get seats in the center of the venue - this is what I had to go for. I’ll keep my fingers crossed to win in the M&G lottery -


Try again, if you still need four. It let me about ten minutes after I bought my first two. Of course you won’t be next to each other…


It only let me get 2 at a time as well, but after I bought the first 2 I immediately went back and got 2 more seats right next to the 2 previous I had gotten…


I couldn’t with those prices, honestly. I’ll have to hope for the LPU lotto. Would’ve liked an individual pic with the band instead of just a crowd of us and the band which is what I hear the LPU meet and greet gets.
Also. . . Ozzy is touring soon and I must go and go big or go home.