VIP tickets for Boston


I have my LPU pre-sale code for Boston. Wanted to buy the Post Traumatic package but can’t, the code works for regular ticket but not VIP for $300, I do see the VIP for $125. Does this mean the Post Traumatic VIP $300 it is sold out for Boston?


It’s sounds like it
They were going to be very limited


Does anyone know if there will be more made available on Friday? It says that the public VIP onsale is on Friday so maybe more will be made available?


I’m assuming there will be some more for public on sale


I had a similar issue. After buying for NYC, I wanted to see how Boston was looking. I saw the $300 ticket with the code, but says it couldn’t be processed and to try on another device? So I try on my phone and there was no $300, only the $125 VIP. Maybe it was a glitch on their part or they were extremely limited for House of Blues? Wondering if anyone else got VIP there.


That’s only general admission. There is no public VIP


Does anyone have a VIP ticket for Boston they are trying to get rid of? I am going to the show regardless, but I was really hoping for Post Traumatic


Ready to pay 200 USD for a crossing the line VIP ticket. Please message me!