VIP Tickets - Stroudsburg, PA


These tickets did not go live at 10 am Local Time. The ticket prices do not reflect the VIP options. Will there be VIP tickets available for this day? When will these go live?


There are already several threads about this topic -

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Responses aren’t relevant to what I was asking… please read the context before assuming. In any case if anyone is in the same boat as me. The Ticketmaster link on the main page to buy tickets is not where you need to go. Apparently Sherman Theater only sells tickets through ticketfly. You can buy your tickets by going directly to their site and finding the event on their calendar.


Questions to ask and comments to make to HQ
Don’t assume we know the answers-were members just like you and know about as much as you do
She only meant to say you might get quicker answers on those threads, as those who are interested are actually looking at those threads more than new ones popping up every so often


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I didn’t assume anything. I was asking just like any other member to see if anyone else had figured out the issue. I thought my inquiry was pretty straight forward and was trying to help other members looking or running into that same issue as myself. Instead this was going to be brushed under the carpet or merged into an unrelated thread. If no one knew that’s fine i just usually expect that there would be no responses if its unknown or people with similar situations. I dug through the forums this morning before making a post to avoid posting similar or redundant information. Its hard enough finding information some times and I hope the information i provided helped a fellow member or two.