Viscera is amazing!


Finally heard Viscera by the LPA. And it is awesome! I really like it. Have you heard it? What are thoughts on it?

Band's gift to LPU: Viscera

It’s okay I guess. ALITS DirtyBlup Remix is my favourite.


where do u find this?




I LOVE IT EVEN EVERYDAY MORE AND MORE AND MORE AND ITS RIGHT THE MOOD i´M IN; Sorry for all these CAPS, didn´t saw it was locked this lil piece of :camel:


This blows Recharged out of the water :grimacing: I reckon the fans have done LP a slight favour and redeemed then of the miserable fail that was recharged. Viscera is almost as good as Reanimation (A near unkillable album).


For your young mind ( read elsewhere you are 17,7 or th) you´re very good positioned! Genetic However: Congratulation!!!


Thanks :slight_smile: Yeah I’m 17. I’m also a very unconventional teenager, for example, I don’t live on my mobile phone :joy: