VMA Music Video Awards Results


grumble, mumble “……stupid Imagine Dragons album…” excessive amounts of sulking


I’ve never considered the VMAs a valid music award show. MTV isn’t really about music anymore (even if their name is Music Television).

Take last year as an example. After Jarod Leto’s tribute to Chester and Chris Cornell, they started airing the last time LP played the VMAs, and cut to a commercial not even halfway through the song.


I see what you did there :nerd_face: Valid Music Awards hehe

Anyway, imagine dragons is too far in mainstream eye to get beat right now :roll_eyes:

@undeadpark you going to the sf show?!


That was unintentional :stuck_out_tongue:


Man, I haven’t even had the courage to listen to the album yet. I’ve seen pictures of the shows though, and it looks awesome. You going?


Ahhh I see, I’m sorry to hear that :confused: but all in due time :slightly_smiling_face: when you feel ready, you’ll be in for a treat! Though I admit if things are still fresh then it could be tough… there are times in the shows I’ve seen him play that are very emotional :confused:
Yeah, I was excited to see we’d have a northern ca stop so didn’t hesitate when he announced :sweat_smile: