Vote for Chester #AMA


Continuing the discussion from Vote for Chester:

Now it’s time to vote in Linkin Park at AMA. By twitter you need to share this once a day and retweet others to help to share:

I’m voting for @linkinpark for Favorite Artist Alternative Rock at the #AMAs!
Vote here: @AMAs

To vote by Facebook, just enter here everyday:

Let’s win family!!!


YES linkin park and chester need to win they truly deserve to win im going to vote for linkin park and chester. I hope they win .


my vote is submitted :heart:


Let’s vote EVERYDAY! :muscle:


I wonder why my second tweet about voting got a ton of likes and retweets basically from strangers…


I thing the strangers are looking for votes to retweet, like me :joy::joy::joy:


I am voting too! He so deserves this!


Good let’s spread the word, and don’t forget to tell your friends ok?


Yeah…i hope that Chester and linkinpark win


That’s good. Keep it up.