Vote for Chester


Hey guys,
Loudwire has a poll to vote for the best singer of the year, and Chester is one of the singers. You can vote once per hour.
Here is the link:

Let’s do this guys, we all know he’s the best! It’s time loudwire does too!

Vote for Chester #AMA
Last letter game

Great link @AJ_7 it’s a great opportunity to say thanx to him, cause he is watching us from above- and it will show he already is legendary :heart:️, I love that they nominated him

:), voted at 8:55- will vote 9:55 -10:55 etc-pp…

Let them feel our power :muscle:


Yes! Definitely! He deserves it more than anyone on the planet!


1000% Agreement :raised_hands:t2:


Thank you to share it!I’m waiting for next hour… :wink: Hope for our Chester to win! :heart_eyes:


Always vote for anything with LP and Chester! Voting every hour, :+1::metal:


The idea of being able to vote more than once is pretty stupid.


We can’t do that right :confused: . How can we vote more thn once…


You’re allowed once an hour which is idiotic.


Totally agree! It’s not about how many peopel, it’s about how many people have free time! But I’m still doing it!


Done, but I will not be voting every day lol


This. I only voted once.


Really?!! Once an hour!!? It should not be… One person one vote.

Really idiotic system -_-


If everyone of us vote 1 time, I think that would be enough…we’re millions! :grin:


Voted!!! :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:


Voted! Guys remember we can vote every hour so lets vote as much as we can.


yeah! thanks fot share it



Still playing anything by LP on repeat since the 20th July, more than usual!
I can’t bare the thought of Chester no longer been on this planet and will always regret not been able to go to the LP concert when they were here in South Africa in November 2012.

Thank you for voting. You can vote once per hour until Oct. 2, 2017. The winner will be announced at the Loudwire Music Awards taking place Oct. 24 at The Novo in Los Angeles.


Don’t forget to vote guys, I do every day :slight_smile:


I am voting like there is no next year. This could be the last chance we have to help him win this.