Vote for Chester ♥️


Hi Soldiers,
We have to get Chester to number 1 :heart:!!

Vote for Chester and Mike on World's largest pool!

Is this another one of those things where you can vote endlessly?


Unfortunately, I do not know how long you can vote.


Well I voted Chester and then decided to give Freddie Mercury a vote too, it told me to come back in an hour. Another BS poll that is won by spamming.


Chester is in two categories!
But… why is he alone between “rock bands”? :thinking:


You can vote once every hour. Already voted around 15 times


I don’t know, I had wonder me too🤔


I’m not sure people understand the concept of polls these days.


voted & shared


How do you get it to let you vote? There is only a thumbs down showing for me


Try pausing adblock if you run it.


Just click on the green up thumb, this one :


I’ve done my part #makechesterproud


Guys, Mike is in the list too!
We must get him to Chester!:heart:
He is number 83 at the moment


You’re right!!
Also in the other list I shared there are Linkin Park as a whole band at number 32! I didn’t noticed before, sorry!! ( post n° 5! )


I refuse to further vote in this poll on account of it being total BS.


That doesn’t make any sense :joy::joy:


Mike is getting higher! Keep Chester in the top 3!

Dont forget to vote for the band in de “best rock band” poll :black_heart:

They are on the 24th place at this moment


These ‘polls’ are totally stupid, I don’t get why people even vote on them.