Vote for chesters scar ***SCARFOOD***


I give 10 points, good work doctors, watch on twitter @chesterbe


Yeah, this one definitely gets a thumbs up from me!


By the way, these pictures are scary. I thought he had a minor injury.


I feel sorry for Chester just seeing that! Ouch! Get well soon!


loving it! put it on twitter to chesterbe he´ll laugh till crying :smiley: :joy:


I know right! Found it tweeted towards Chester, actually. Must’ve laughed his butt off :stuck_out_tongue:

Stitches are on both sides, looks mighty painful. That he went on during the show when the actual accident happened is just… Wow man, much-o respect-o for his awesome-oness!


I think he´s so tough, We can be so proud, not only in his words, but still if happened such a shit, he is standing it - have you heard about the other guys so far?


There was that time when Brad couldn’t play because of some injury, but I think it was his technician played in his place [do correct me if I’m wrong].

And I think Mike performed with a twisted ankle a while back also.But he can basically sit behind his keys in a case like that.

Chester likes to run around the stage like an energizer bunny. For him to sit still on a barstool for 90+ minutes is just a no-go. Thought his lil scooter thing was a good try, though.

Regardles… Such troopers they are, really :smile:


About the Rob incident, I think you are right. Unsure if it’s from Rob’s official account, but this particular incident was highlighted as a joke on twitter.


I found this article about Rob injurying himself during the recording of The Hunting Party. Not sure how reliable the source is, though:

I couldn’t find any other stuff about Rob hurting himself. But one thing’s for sure; the band could never play without Rob, the drummer is the backbone of the band :smile:


and he looks so powerfull, but isn´t it funny, that the name of rob is often mistaken as brad? God blessour troopers…


Yah, poor Bradrob :stuck_out_tongue:


lets do a further game: lets connect their names further:chestrob? mikophoenix?mikrob (e)? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :joy:


Wow, how about Braphojochemiro

Now that sure would be a name to remember :stuck_out_tongue:


hahaha :stuck_out_tongue:loving ist


Or or Micherojobrapho


brapho is my new word for likely, lets play sth else, lets talk only with songnames?! right now, i search a place for my head, cause they´re trying to victimizes me, never again victimized


It’s just like a cigarette, its something that I do. Once in awhile but between me and you… Well I need it in the morning and the middle of the night, what about your friends? And the girls tell the boys that they better f-in run away :smile:

Oooh, let me make a new thread for this, this is fun :smiley:


:stuck_out_tongue:in the end, it doesnt even matter, :wink: