Vote For The Best Hard Rock Vocalist - 27 days left to vote



Chester Bennington (Linkin Park)
50 (26%)



54 (28%)



458 (41 %)


Can I vote twice ?


Voted for Chester. :slight_smile:

Few musicians can sing equally well on alt rock/nu metal/rap rock/electronic and pop tracks.


I have voted for chester bennington for the best vocalist about 7 time. When is the Awards so i can vote more for chester. Before they end the vote


unfortunately not :disappointed_relieved:
How did you vote 7 times? I know you could vote every hour for the Loudwire Awards but that was closed a while back now. This link is for a new one and you are only able to vote once as far as I can see.


Chester Bennington (Linkin Park)
498 (42%)


It was easy i voted for chester then i wait a bit then go on my tablet vote and then laptops . Wait again do on my phone lol


Oh i forgot to tell u it was everyday i voted for chester


the results came through, Chester won by MILES!

And there is another one!

#13 - Linkin Park is nominated in this!


Just voted :slight_smile: