VYRT Instead of Regular LPU Chat


Is anyone else super upset about introducing VYRT as the chat platform instead of our very own LPU chat?

I understand it has it flaws, hell it annoys me so much sometimes but switching to VYRT? No, just no. They say band chats will be free but tickets may apply to other “events”.

Is it just me or is the LPU becoming a pay a membership but pay extra for everything else inside the community kind of fan club?

I’m so disappointed, especially because they promised last time they used VYRT that it’d never take our chat’s place.


Wait so what’s going on around here with this. I been away for a while and now I’m confused with this changes. Does this mean that we have to pay for chats now? And what about that free coupon for VYRT that expires on the 15th? Lol I’m so lost…


Like I said, BAND chats will be free but other “events” may have extra fees. We’ve been all sent an email regarding this, it should explain all your questions.


Okay I guess thank you for replying :blush:


If they add Vyrt feeds of entire live shows, I could see that as a way to justify an additional cost.


I don’t understand why anyone would pay to see a broadcasted show.
My main point here, besides the additional costs of whatever they decide to do with it, is why are they becoming one of those bands that make us pay for a membership but ask for more as we go along. It started with LPUX and the far more expensive package. It was understandable to a point but then they started charging Summits, meetups, etc and now this? So lame. By next year or two, we’ll be paying for access, then access to let’s say the LPUTV episodes, the chat and the forums as it seems.


LPU deserves free access to anything here. Chester is back on stage. wish they could broadcast atleast a part of the show here. we feel more special. :heart_eyes: :wink:


I dind´t match to any kind of payment, they´ll give us members free access about the code they´ll send to our dashboards! Am I wrong? So it´s even more importend to ask lulu&lorenzo tomorrow about extra payment. If it would be like this I gonna


It is amazing how everyone thought the point was the extra fees we may have to pay for other events besides the band chats.
My main point was, how the LPU is becoming on of those fanclubs that you pay a membership for but are asked to pay some more for other features. I don’t see why… I get it that they need to make money in order to develope all those “special” things but what happened to the good old LPU days? Wasn’t what they offered back then not enough? Cause I think it was more than enough.


The good ol days of LPU died when LPUX came out. We have always paid for summits/meetups technically. LPU 10/11 membership fee covered summits/meetups since we didn’t really have any online supplements, like a forum/blog/etc. Most of the membership went to these live events. Now that they don’t and we have all these online goodies, the money has to come from somewhere. Extra packages for extra money, don’t see a problem. Only thing I thought was lame was the ferrofluid statue thing and I argued that out on twitter w/Mike. But different levels of packages have always existed.

If you still add up everything we get in our package and online, it’s still a great deal. Especially compared to most fan sites. Will more come out later that there might have small fees attached to? Maybe. Considering everything on the internet is slowly drifting to micro transactions, I wouldn’t be surprised. Does it mean you have to pay? No. Some things in life, in my opinion, such as going to live shows, is considered a luxury, not a given. Let’s just see how things go, be positive, the band has always came through one way or another for us.

Edit - whichever post has the huge face puking, I deleted that, that’s not welcome here.


Yes I agree, it all changed with X and I fully understand what you mean. I don’t have a problem paying for the membership with the package I choose (I actually believe that was a great move, more people can join now). My concern is that extra fee, if they’ll apply as they say. I think it should be included in the membership since they’re going for LPU only. Otherwise why not open VYRT to the rest of the fans?


I still don’t get why they want to change to VyRT for band chats with an argument other than “better quality broadcasts”. The chats (no matter if band, crew, or regular) always worked fine on TinyChat. The broadcasts work fine there too.
If they want to broadcast shows, let them use VyRT in that case… But please keep all the LPU-related chats on LPU (with TC).
That way it feels more personal and LPU-like (or is it just me? I would like to see the band in the same chat room as where I chat with LPU members daily). Also, with VyRT, I assume, LPUers can easily give the access code (if it’s 1 code per chat, not different per user) to non-LPUers with each band chat…


Thank you!! Finally someone who gets it. I’d rather we had the old chat back (without the video) where everyone got their chance but I guess that’s not happening. TC has it flaws but hell yeah I’d rather stick with it than switch to VYRT.


I guess let’s wait and see.



In my opinion, the chat room is a part of the LPU site. Having an LPU-exclusive chat on another website completely removed from the LPU does not feel like an LPU experience for me.

Are they just testing different platforms to find what works best? Or is this a permanent move for band chats?

Then again, what do I have to complain about? With the way my work schedule’s been, I haven’t made it to a band chat in ages.


@Derek2 Yeah, we’ll see how it goes.


I’m also quite disappointed about this new system. I wonder why they changed it though. First you have this wonderful union and now a new chat system?? Why are the doing all this outsourcing?
First receiving a code, then register on the other website etc. is much more work than just log in to my account and start chatting… also for them it must be more work so I really dont get it. And I definitely wont pay any extra costs…


@leilia Wonderful Union is basically ground(ctrl). They switched to it with X if I remember correctly, when they moved all their websites from sparkart.
It sounds and seems more complicated indeed than TC… I think that one last time they used it last year when they were on tour with 30STM did it. They might think it’s a better fit than TC and it may turn out to be so but we’ll see I guess.
I’m still debating on attending the Brad chat next week or not because of this. I want to avoid all this registering and codes and VYRT in general. We’ll see though.


this is moaning on a very high level, I think…listen to the music and you know what´s all about, think about “music for relief”, the power and time they take for us, for me it´s a kind of state of living, so I believe in it! Think what would have happened, if they thought like thin, when the internet was born, so soldiers & all you troopers, look forw"ard! Ande one more: stop talking about "the good old time, ´cause it makes me feel old, lwt´s talk about:THE GOOD OLD TIMES ARE RIGHT NOW! :smiley:


I didn’t get an email with the Access Code.