Waiting for the end lyrics


Hi all you guys,
I have a question concering the lyrics of waiting for the end.
In that part where mike raps ‘the hardest part of ending is starting again’ I always hear like an additional word, like it has to be there to fit into the rythme somehow. What I hear is ‘the hardest part of ending is starting ALL again’.
I don’t know why. Is someone out here understanding what I mean and may help me getting it right?
Thanks guys and have a nice sunday!


Nope, doesn’t say anything more.


Evo is right, there isn’t an extra word. Though I think I know what you mean, because every time I listen to New Divide I always expect Chester to sing " The ashes fell like snowflakes" rather than “The ashes fell like snow”. I guess the song might not sound entirely right to our subconscious so our brains try to fill it in or something like that :laughing:


For me it’s more like “the hardest part of ending is starting aaagain”


Thanks the_termin8r1 :wink: I guess I get it now. I hear what xTirea is saying, that might be the answer.


For me Mike changes Words in its Rap parts even at the most live shows, even at bleed it out I heard chester sing breathe it ou, mb they set the lyrics on their mood and their innerstate


They do change a few words here and there, makes it easier for them to sing live.