Waiver, etc


Has anyone gotten the waiver we are supposed to sign?


Not yet, hopefully very freaking soon or I assume they will have them there to sign.


Waiver for what?


HAvent gotten it yet. I’ve been checking my email and spam folder on my phone constantly. hopefully it’s not last minute


I haven’t gotten mine either and I also keep checking my email and junk mail. They’ll prob send it Thursday lol


Its the LPU what you except? lol jk But seriously I wouldn’t be surprised if we get it at 8 AM Friday morning = P


What waiver?


[quote=espltd3441]What waiver?

There’s a waiver we are to print, sign and bring with us to the Summit that will be emailed to us prior.


Thank you


Waiver has been SENT!!!


got it


Just got my waiver too but what’s this Summit Pass we’re supposed to bring with us? Do we print out the receipt from when we bought the pass? Or the confirmation email that says we’re in the Summit? I tweeted Adam but no response yet.


yeah go to manage account, your orders and print the summit pass.


i got it but i can’t download it it comes as a docx they sent them today i was waiting too


This should help you with opening the documents:


Wow thank you for the reminder! I deffinitely would have forgotten we needed to print and bring these