Waking Up And Moving On


A year has passed but suddenly today… Well, my usual routine when I get to work (during the summer break); I plug myself into the "Matrix’. My ear phones on with LP playing so that I can do my work in my own world and have things done super fast (I set time to myself on an album or a song to keep up with the speed). I tried to control my tears but it just did not work this time when every song reminded me of Chester. How much energy he placed in a song and the messages from every song. I only wished that we could read between the lines to understand that you were actually suffering from the inside.

When One More Light played. I felt that sudden lost. My biggest fear in loving a band has happened. Although it happened a year ago but it is now sinking in badly. Especially when I do not hear much of LP on the radio here, where I am. With this, I would like to Thank Mike Shinoda for coming out with the Post Traumatic album. You have lost a good friend and no one can replace Chester. Rest assure, as I do not only speak for myself. I am sure that all of the LP Soldiers here will always be by your side and also stick together with Linkin Park. Leave No Soldier Behind.

My message to the band… Dear Linkin Park, I need you guys. The fans need you guys to continue what you have been doing all this time. I know I might be selfish but; do continue to make Chester even more proud. Stay strong for each other and continue to support each other. What you are doing now, makes me even more proud to be a Linkin Park Supporter. From creating awareness to all sorts of different worldwide events, you have opened my eyes even more in the past years.

Thank you Talinda for spreading the love and teaching us about the awareness of Depression and how we can seek help if we are suffering from it but also for others who are suffering from this damn bloody parasite of a disease. Recognising the signs is very very important and I thank you for all you keep doing for those who are battling with it.

LP, take your time. Take a breather and spend quality time with the family. When you have fully recharged and ready to start again. We will be around. I know I will and looking forward to a new beginning… Till then, continue what you do in Making Chester Proud.

Take Care!