Want to buy LPU cds to complete collection


Mate how much stuff do you have? And how much of it has actually seen a CD player?




That’s friggin nuts :crazy_face:


Am I to take that as none of it?


No some of them have seen the CD player. Most are unopened for now. Next summer, after uni, hopefully I’ll have time to sort them all out properly. I need to frame my signed stuff then also.

I worked hard for all of that stuff :joy: every penny worth it though. I guess its junk if you don’t like physical CDs, but I can’t stand having digital copies of music that I love.

megabytes don’t have that same feel as 5inch plastic i guess


No, I don’t understand people that buy CDs and don’t play them. I buy all the music I can on CD because I listen to them. It also annoys me that the mixing on LP records is so shonky, because I have a decent amateur level hifi setup and good headphones and then I play an LP CD and it verges on sounding bad mixing-wise. Still, not as bad as Evans Blue, more good music ruined by rubbish mixing.

Most mp3 files are compressed anyway, so CDs should theoretically be better, again, that’s dependent on your setup too.


I just have my laptop to play CDs while I’m at university so I can only use that to play them. Don’t have better speakers here. I’m not sure about the mixing thing. I just use my BOSE headphones and everything seems fine to me. Maybe my tolerance is lower? The Rising Tied sounds AMAZING with headphones :smiley:


IDK, I guess you have to know exactly what to look for. Also I’ve found that Bose have horrendous bass, at least the ones they have on show in their shops. Another thing is that laptops usually have badly tuned equalisers that need you to sit down with them and tune them to your liking.

But I guess if you want an idea of what I’m on about listen to the acoustic version of Alive by POD and then compare it to the messenger by LP.

EDIT: Bare in mind yt doesn’t have the best quality.


I never use the laptop speakers. They are shockingly bad haha. I’ll check it out


This, even external ones aren’t good. You either need decent bookshelf (or bigger) speakers or a good pair of headphones.


I haven’t found anything wrong with the BOSE qt’s so far. I use them for everything, even non-music nowadays. Bass wise they’re never going to be as good as top ranger speakers but that’s the sacrifice I make. I want loudness directly into my ear. And the noise cancellation is a must for me. I love listening to music and ignoring what my housemate is saying to me


'Sup guys. I’m searching for LPU 12 and 16, if anyone stumbles across one, give me a call! Cheers