Want to learn how to make music like LP, don't know where to start?


Hey guys i’m happy to say i finally joined LPU and i’m looking forward to meeting all of you. I’ll try to keep this short, basically i’ve been listening to LP for the last 3 years and have never gotten tired of it lol. I finally decided that music is what I want to do as career/for a living etc. I know how to play guitar but that’s about it. I want to learn how to sing but coaches are too pricy for me right now(avg. $30 per half hour) and no good academies close to me. I’m also hoping to learn piano and I bought Stagelight a couple days ago but I don’t really know how to execute all of these things and make good songs like LP. Any help is greatly appreciated.


There’s nothing to “learn” about making music. It comes naturally. Just play around with your program for a while, start learning its flow and everything and once you’ve got that down, it’s all up to you and your imagination to create your music. (just make sure to match the bpms of the instruments you use lol).


For vocals, you don’t need a teacher. Just find your vocal range by looking around online, and then practice! I started singing in 2012, practiced Shadow of the Day every single day (I’m a tenor like Chester) and I just ust started to perfect it like last year. It takes alot of time but you will be able to do it. The Internet has lots of help for you regarding vocals,and even guitar.

I’ve been playing guitar for one year, can play every single song from Mtm and Thp almost perfectly and have not taken a single guitar lesson or know how to read a note of music. I learned it all through practice.

In short…PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE! :smiley: If you practice every single day you WILL succeed!!!