Was there a lottery for North America?


Never got an email about it, and I don’t see it in the events page. Did I miss it and it was drawn way ahead of time? Or am I missing something?


All your answers here The Hunting Party Tour - Update


This was on the email I got this morning:
Carnivores Tour M&G Lottery will open on Monday, July 14th at 3pm PST. The sign up for all shows will take place here: http://lpunderground.com/contests


Thanks guys.

The link doesn’t address North America lottery.

I’m aware of the paid for versions, and I got emails about other worldly regions, but never M&G lottery for NA.


On the News section it says that it is going to start the MG Lottery on monday.


North American M&G lottery (for the Carnivores tour) is going on right now. I just signed up for the Mansfield M&G myself.


Yep, signed up today :slight_smile: The lead up to this though was mentioning a lot of Europe specifically, which is the only reason I asked.

Anyone have an idea if the LPU M&G will be different from the bought M&G? I was told a while ago they were going to be different, but things can change…