Was There A Poster Ordering Living Things?


when i look through the internet i saw some pics like this Living Things Poster
i looked everywhere for it but can’T find it.
There was one forum, said that this poster was delivered with the LP Album.
I ordered mine on the LP site. But no poster :frowning:

is it because i’m from germany, or was it only just a few posters ?
if anyone know somethign about it or where i can buy one, please reply :smiley:

sorry for my bad english skills…


interesting. Well you can always check/ask in our linkin park collectors thread. You can also check lpcatalog.com for any info. As far as I know there is no info about a poster added though Flipkart is a online shop in India so this is just their idea to get more sales i think.


From what I know this exact poster was being sold at the HOB show in May. Dunno if it was sold somewhere else but if I had to guess I’d say the Telekom Streetgigs :slight_smile: The order of the album from LP.com didn’t have a poster along, just the LPU pass for those that wanted it.


There was nothing sold in Berlin. I searched all over the place.