Wastelands Recharged game


The game Linkin Park Wastelands Recharged is so awesome! Has anyone else played it? I love the storyline and the graphics and endless amount of action. And, of course, the music. This game is so much fun, and I highly recommend it!


I beta tested it before it was released on FB and I thought it was amazing. Then, they put it out on iOS and Android but the apps sucked. So much lag and disfuctions. 8 Bit Rebellion was way better.


Yeah, that’s the one thing that I don’t like is the occasional glitch, but otherwise I love it.


It’s so bad you can’t even move properly and complete the missions. It kind of sucks cause the plot had great potential and would put a great message out there but I doubt many people even know it exists. I bet those that played it in the very beginning have already forgotten about it too, just like with 8BR.


I’ve played the game on FB. Really liked it on FB.

Because my phone is already full with other apps [I’m a Sims junky] I never was able to install an Android version. And so I kind of let it go… I did enjoy the game. I loved the message behind it and the graphics and everything. Hec, if they would release a version of this for Xbox or Playstation I would definitely buy it.

Reading your experiences with Recharged on Android/ iOs, I guess don’t miss out on too much?

Really, I wish they would just make Recharged available on FB again. Would attract a wider audience.


My android’s phone is too small to install this game, because of all the freaking google bloatware. And obviously I won’t be able to install any insanely large games such as Aspgalt 8: Airborne


I know your pain @samuel_the_leader, my phone storage is bloating up too.


@Gatsie I thought it was still available on FB, lol. (Sims junkie high five!)

I originally wanted it on iOS since I hate Android but it’s not compatible with any of my iOS devices so I had to get it on my stupid Android. Maybe if it worked better I’d still play it, I only enjoy 8BR now, love going back to it from time to time. And yes, I think it’d do great as a full video game, it has room for improvements and developement to an actual video game.


Call me old fashioned, but gaming on a computer or a console just beats gaming on a phone any day,
regardless how hi-tech the phone might be.

That being said… I do enjoy Sims Freeplay an awful lot :stuck_out_tongue: Sims FTW :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Haven’t played Sims anywhere else but on desktop.

Nintendo ftw, best console and games ever!