We have the technology to get this to Adam!


lpu magazine for the fan base


LPU fan club magazine

A magazine for the LPU fan base. The average subscription to a magazine is about 10 dollars a month, wouldn’t it be cool to have a magazine to be released once a month or every two months full with LP fan stuff. Fan stuff like artwork, interviews from other fans, impact stories, discovering LP members near them, (and this could be to the lp.com website for fans to want to join the lpu) and etc (anything else that could come to mind). I know that, this is what the LPU is for but it is mostly for LP updates about the band, getting to chat with fans, and etc. That is all great and we the fans would never want that to change anything. On the other hand, this idea could be good for both the fans and the LPU. The magazine can be 10 a month, 5 for the mag and add on tax to get to 10. The fans could submit, stop submitting, or resubmit at anytime. The LPU is filled with thousands of fans and with the month, it will give the LPU headquarters a lot of money to use on future projects and LPU packages.

With the LP fans help and other lp fan website, we could have Adam, other mods and Linkin Park to take a look at this and make this become possible.


That would the most FAN-tastic idea for all LP fans !! Hopefully, you’ll be able to make it become real !


This is a very good Idea ! I hope you can make do this real.


Yep, it’b be cool!