We made it to the top 10! (Excited and humbled)


The LP community has been so incredibly gracious, kind, and open to us since being one of the selected contestants on here. We can’t express how humbling it’s been to have been chosen along side so many amazing musical acts. Thank you all for the feedback and for just taking the time out of your day to listen and connect!

We’ve listened to all the other contestants and also searched many many submissions on Youtube that were not selected… and let me just say, we feel very lucky to be here. Thank you again and long live LP!

P.S. And a special shout out to LP for creating opportunities for others and for being such amazing and dedicated philanthropists.

-The Lion Oh My www.thelionohmy.com


Congrats guys, for taking the top 10. As I listened to the 10 finalists, I listened to you and I immediately thought “Wow, they sound awesome!” I visited your website also and got a taste of your other stuff. I definatly wan’t to hear more. I’m on traveling now and my internet connection is very low. But as soon I’ll be back, I’ll check you music more intensive. I already saw on iTunes that you even released an album.

I wish you all the best for the contest.

Btw: considering that you are LP fans, who are even fan club members, I miss any notice or link to LP on your website :wink:


Hey Shoegaze4u!

Thank you for taking the time to share your comments and thoughts with us. It is very much appreciated and extremely important to a band just starting out to get some feedback! We could not be more excited about being chosen, no matter where it goes from this point we already feel like winners to be honest with you.

And thank you for pointing out the LP link situation with our website. I installed a link in our friends section on the music page of our website after reading your post. Much appreciated. www.thelionohmy.com

If you’d like to get your hands on our full length album you can get it for free at www.bandcamp.com right now… it’s a “you choose the price” album!

Thank you again for connecting and we definitely hope to do so more in the future. Please feel free to contact us anytime.

-David (TLOM)


Thanks for the option, but of course I purchased your album via iTunes. Would be a shame to grab such nice songs without paying. I gave the album a few rounds and it’s like I have expected: Your music is very melodical and diversified. It’s fun to listen to it. Keep it up guys!

PS: Appreciation for giving LP a tribute on your website.

Are you on twitter?


Thank you, Shoegaze4u.

We will definitely try to keep it up! We are releasing a new EP in just 3 weeks time so keep in touch!

And yes, we are on Twitter as ‘thelionohmy’

Thanks again!