We need to vote!


We’re barely losing to Eminem at 50% we all need to vote now.


Then here is the link to vote for others ! Please vote and let LP win !!!


I Voted :slight_smile:


I voted and posted on LPBR twitter :wink:


i voted :slight_smile:


Voted :slight_smile:


I refreshed and voted four times. Just like Democrats in Chicago.


I voted!


I voted, too :wink:


I voted and thats a tough one, 50 to 50 now, eminem still up by a little, and that is a tough choice, best since 90s, both deserve that one.


voted and not far behind!


voted. but still 50 - 50 with Em up


done :smiley: and shared :smiley:


I’ve voted 14 times now. Reminds me of the American Idol final between Cook and Archuletta when I didn’t get off the phone for an hour. This is a tough one though. Think about it, I bet a lot of us here own more Eminem cd’s then Linkin Park. I am just thankful that LP beat Nickelback. I know I’m in the minority, but I can’t stand Nickelback.


voted for Spears…did i make a mistake…?

just joking, voted few times in a row


Voted even though I find things like this pointless. Just use a bot to keep voting all day long lol


We are currently ahead, but at this rate the Eminem fans will catch up with 5 votes per refresh vs Linkin Parks 4 votes.


This stuff is so 2007’s.


These kind of contest arnt really relavant but I still voted. Fun to see the stats of both at the same time though.


Go LP fan vote!!! we need the victory \o/