We want a 8-bit Rebellion Sequeal


Was going through my Facebook feed and I had finally bought 8-bit rebellion 7 years ago!!!

I think it’s time we got a sequeal

They can call it 16 Bit Revenge :stuck_out_tongue:

Would be cool to hear more LP music in an 8/16 bit-tone?!?

What song would you want to hear?!?


That was on my FB today as well, it was a fun game.


I loved that game! And also Recharged which I was playing while at college today! :grinning:


I tried playing recharged
For me it just got repeative and didnt have the same joy that 8-bit had


8-Bit Rebellion was fun, but I don’t think we will ever see another game like it (although I would enjoy one myself, as well). There was supposed to be more added to the original game that never ended up happening, so I think the band’s interest in it kinda died off.

That being said, there were Hybrid Theory-esque designs made of each band member for the game that were never used. If I had to come up with some cheesy story for a hypothetical sequel, a time travel gimmick could be interesting.

We also never got full releases of some of the 8-bit songs they made, only 15 second ringtones. I really wanted that full 8-bit Numb


I remember finding out that at the beginning of the game you could choose your “house” based on the districts of each band member and I wanted to be Team Mike but accidentally pressed yes on Team Chester and was so pissed! lol

It was a fun game indeed, you could beat it pretty fast but it never got old. I wish they had added more to the game. And yes, I’d love those full 8 bit songs too.


It was really cool to play it. I want a 8-bit fighting game with characters - LP symbols. Like HT soldier, Meteora dude, all the band in MTM and LT style, etc