Weather and climate


I wish i could come there :sleepy:


It 26 degrees out and it going to be even colder tonight. Like 13 degrees


What can I say? I don’t complain.


1°F and it feels like 10 below. (-17°C and feels like -23)

We’re under a wind chill advisory for the next 36 hours.

One of the hot water tanks at work completely shit the bed, too.


It just suddenly started chukcing it down hard here. Luckily my dad looked at the roof half and hour ago. Unluckily, he couldn’t actually find what was wrong with it, he applied some temporary silicone where he thought it might leak but he isn’t sure. I guess I’ll find out if he was right relatively soon.


I changed it to Celsius…but gonna be a cold one…in a wind chill advisory til Tuesday.


We had a fairly heavy storm last night.


Wow, your neighbours are lucky it didn’t smash into the house :sweat_smile:


Yeah, it missed both their Porsches.


THe wind was pretty insane last night… it still is actually. Thankfully it stopped raining.


Even i noticed that ! :sweat_smile:Lolz

It was a bit cold here for some days but Normal again… It goes 30 max.


one of my local news channels posted this… (sorry it’s not in celsius)


Here these days its like :sun_behind_large_cloud:
Max. 30C
min. 23C


Have I told you lately how much I love summer???


Yep! :smile: And beaches too! :beach_umbrella:


Here it’s alright. Gloomy and foggy lately but not cold.


Good morning/afternoon:

Very cold now.


Too cold


Cold and snowy boo


it snowed a bit a here last night.