Weather and climate


Been raining non stop for 2 days now over here. Temp is not bad but it’s going to drop to -3 or so on Thursday and will last for about a week. I hope we get a bit of snow, will be fun!


It really nice today is 73 out so nice and beautiful out


it was like that here a couple days ago. was in the 60s and rained on monday and tuesday…now it’s in the 30s and icy out :joy:




Snow is coming! :heart_eyes:


Snooowww! :heart_eyes: :snowflake::snowflake::snowflake::snowflake:


so much rain this week. I’m tired of it.


We’re in for a mad snow storm tonight through Saturday morning. It’s just starting to rain, and then it’ll turn into the white stuff.


Summers!!! 32 goes normal here!! :fire::fire:


It’s bloody hailing again, it’s freezing :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


It’s cold in Moscow. But not too cold as it was a week ago. -7°C and fair




:sun_with_face: Sun!! Warm!! Finally in Košice !! :beach_umbrella::desert_island:



It’s sunny and warm, now it’s freaking hailing and we are expecting snow tomorrow. -.-


It was supposed to like hail today, but today had been completely precipitation-free.


Its actually summer season, but it was drizzling yesterday :thinking: weird weathers lol.
Okay… temperatures rn are 30 C something… normal weather(as usual… its always moderate here :neutral_face:




37! Uff!
Like it was 33 yesterday. Just in a day 4 °C hike!