Weather and climate


I wouldn’t be able to function under that temperature. Btw it’s getting really hot here too :sunny:


Ikr… i am surprised. In between it went 41 and I didn’t even knew :fire:
Global warming… :neutral_face::neutral_face:

Off topic: you know what ! I downloaded stagelight :smiley: i will learn how ro make music from that cause I’ve got some problem… me and dad and mac and install new tunes in GB hehe… so i will try with the stagelight. I’ll also learn to create orchestra sound in GB someday… i got a vid from yt. It will take some time which I don’t have currently… so later. But yeah… Stagelight seems nice… but I don’t know how to record, about the loops and anything… lol


How cool! Stagelight has really helped me become a better musician, so I think it will help you too. If I were you, I’d check out some tutorials first to get to know the program. You can always ask me of course :slight_smile:


Lol i will :sweat_smile: it was just to inform that i will disturb in between now :crazy_face: :joy:
Well thanks :kissing_heart::hugs::hugs::hugs: :heart: i just have got the Mobile app now. I’ll see what i can do… but rn I still got my daily goals incomplete :frowning::anguished: cya!!


Notification overload incoming? Haha :joy:
Take your time :hugs:


Just saw some inbuilt help tutorials :blush: at least i learned to make drum beats! :heart_eyes::grinning:

Edit: @rickvanmeijel okay I’ve got this… which one should i ask for? They are giving me 2 free packs. There are so many and it’s hard to decide. Have you bought any?



You’re getting there! :smile: I’d choose a Linkin Park or Timbaland pack (not sure if they’re available separately)


What a horrid day. Weather is awful, they say it’s 24C, but I’m calling BS considering I’ve been walking outside today. And of course because there’s a tiny fluctuation in weather, the whole underground system is totally fudged. Just no my way home there were 4-5 lines partially suspended and the one I was on had severe delays.

EDIT: It even made the news. We really are a laughing stock. :joy:


Wait why? The tracks bend over because of the heat?


Who knows, I know the Metropolitan had a signal failure. If the tracks bent at 25C I’d be extremely concerned.


Hahaha that’d be disastrous :joy:

@the_termin8r Just heard that a train at my station caught a small fire tonight LOL :joy: Causal factor is unknown


Wow, what the actual hell?


Why are you surprised? This is typical Britishness. :stuck_out_tongue:


If it was snow, yeah, but cause of the heat? That’s just weird.


Nonsense, heat affects people here as much as cold, very noticeable on the roads especially. It’s a very funny country this.


No linkin Park isn’t there … they are all loop packs… so i was asking which would be better

What?! Services disrupted in 25!! Oh give 25 here! we’d be happy folk!

True :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t use loops so don’t know. You can preview each pack in the store right? Try and see what sounds most interesting to you



Can we? It just shows a brief that it has these many loops and this genere… okay I’ll try on laptop thanks!! :heart::heart:
Well what you use then :open_mouth: how do you create awesome music?!

Here: don’t look at the big numbers! They are false! Real temp. is below lol… 37!