Weather and climate


So nice today!!


Absolutely revolting today lol.


Alright London people… is this very warm for you or just nice?? 29 seems ok ok


For us it’s good!! Weather is normally bad!!


It’s funny, they think it’s the end of the world and they go out in parks and stuff. It’s boiling to them cause they’re not used to hot weather.


I use virtual instruments to create my own melodies and sounds :smile: Using loops is like cheating to me. I use both Stagelight’s VST’s as well as third party VST’s.


I’m built for the cold. Shorts and shirt when it’s 5C. I haven’t experienced a real summer in 15 years. But walking in direct sun for an hour is not pleasant. I’m drenched in sweat, especially my back where it can’t breathe because of my bag.


The moon in the sky right now is insane. It’s a really slim crescent, but it’s a deep orange, almost red. My phone can catch it obviously.


Um… okay… i just have to learn one more thing… how do we record …like there is no timeline thing like in GB… I’ll check out for that video today…

Oh it’s alright. You are made in rnat way… got habit of cold. And we have got having of warm… it’s like 25 is veryyy pleasant for us. 5 years ago we felt 32°C so hot! Today we feel okay with it. :slightly_smiling_face:
And yes the moons are generally pale with less shine in winters. But yeah they are beautiful. Here summer, new moon shines bright… can’t capture with phone :blush:

37°C rn


Our car seats this morning.

My dad’s (55.9 C)

Mine (50.6 C)


Oh my!!! :flushed::flushed: So :fire:!


There is a timeline, but the default interface is the loop builder. Simply click on the little eye in the top right corner, then click on timeline






Is this sarcasm? (My question isn’t sarcastic :joy:)


It feels way hotter than that, plus, going from 14 to this is hot to me :stuck_out_tongue:


Ah. Because we got roughly these temps here the other day and you said it wasn’t hot.


Generally it’s not, for the U.K. though it’s boiling.


Not fair: