Weather and climate


Good good here :smile::smile:
30… calm winds… feeling good lol


it’s HOT. I did both F and C


It’s an excellent 16C in my room right now, this is pretty much my ideal temp, especially since I’m in a shirt and shorts.


That’s soo cool.
Since last some days it’s been very humid …feels like hell here… i have so much of water but felt like never satisfy the thirst… this is seriously bad weather.

Todays there was a change and it’s raining in periods like for 10 mins and then ½ hr pause… happily saw a rainbow :rainbow: today… it was nice but light… :slightly_smiling_face::blush:


It’s 29C in my room right now. :expressionless:


I can understand :expressionless: 36°C temp rn…


28C in my room right now, and the sun isn’t even on this side of the house yet. At least it’s only 27% humidity in here…for now.


it pretty nice today.


It’s bloody hot today and that’s not ok.


At least it’s a dry heat, it’s worse being hot and sticky. My initial prediction was wrong, humidity went down with a temp increase. Got to 30C and 21%, now it’s at 28C and 29%


Looks like temperature’s going up here as well. Summer’s back! :sunny:


The silence after storm… had a very bad one 2 days ago… it’s all fine now. Sunny weather no rain…


I think it’s time I complained about this never ending heatwave. Ugh!


It’s made me totally miserable, mainly because I’m only getting a few hours of sleep, but also because of all the other shit that summer brings with it.


It sucks! I don’t sleep well either and it’s basically boiling all day long. Not to mention how miserable it gets at work.


Yep heatwave at its peak again :sweat_drops:


it’s hoooooooooooot


Omg, that is insane!


36C is quite hot, but not really insane considering my room has been about 34 the past few days.


yuck. currently 18C in my room. my apartment is small so the window a/c unit keeps me nice and cold and i still turn a fan on at night lol.