Weather and climate


I thought the “feels like 113°” was insane. But I was an Eskimo in an other life so as soon as the temperature reach 30C it’s insane for me. :joy:


For me, anything over 18 is hell.


I find it really funny when people in California freak out when the temperature is 50-60F and need coats because it’s “cold” noooooo it’s nice weather folks!


19C in my room right now, got to enjoy it while it lasts.


Calm before the storm


I could do with a storm right now. Or a Cat 5.


Finalllyyyyy the rains are lil less. There was a veryyy bad storm. Destruction but not that much just hopes for best!!!

Well sad thing is that the railway bridges were not auctioned well ! They are weak and need immediate repairs… one has already fallen. :neutral_face: No one dead tho


What does that mean?


Sorry. I’ll sort out mistakes.


I’ve only had 3.5h of sleep today. :sweat_smile:


Seriously? I am sure cause of heat wave there


The light and the noise mainly, the heat has gone down a bit in the past couple of days. I still sleep with open windows though.


I can understand right. Same here when there was summer. But now storms and sruff so we keep windows closed.

About sleeping i had 5 yesterday… :sweat_smile: c’mon dude you should rest well. Atleast a nap in afternoon.


The mornings are great, I get to wear a hoodie again. But, later it gets hot again and by night time it’s too hot to sleep.


Ooh… yep i k… very hot at nights. That the most annoying thing. What’s temp there? Around 28°C¿


Not when copters start flying over at 07:00. :expressionless:


Oh so early?!




Gloomy with mild rain, 19.7C, this might turn out to be a decent day.


Yes finally! The heat wave seems to be over