Weather and climate


Machine man … I would DIE :dizzy_face:


Reminds of this news article from a few months ago:


I find the cold invigorating. Also if you’re feeling cold, relax your body (not completely if you’re standing obviously) and focus only on your breathing. It’s helped me during the one or two times I’ve felt cold in the past couple of years.


Lol … and thanx Rob- right now while reading your post I realized that all my muscles are crampy - trying it out now- will let you know if or how it worked… :ok_hand:t2:

Edit: works :blush:


weather for the upcoming week


Nice and rainy here today, beats yesterday’s warmth.


Was a bit less… today it was worser





The weather here is really weird recently. Nice and cool in the mornings and it gets warm after about 11:00.


Finally, the coolness is constant throughout the day, and better still, I’m rolling with shorts again.


Shorts :joy: wouldn’t survive one day in this weather


Technically it’s shorts, a shirt, no coat and trainers with plenty of mesh and vent holes in the soles. :joy: The only thing I don’t like is the sun.


The weather’s been top recently. Nice and cold throughout the entire day. I even found my low temp tolerances. 0 - 5C is where it starts to get uncomfortable and I need to wear long trousers and a jacket over the t-shirt.


I loathe the weather lately


What’s wrong with it?


Too cold for me :smile:


LMAO :joy:


Completely agreed with @rickvanmeijel !! :sun_with_face: