Weather and climate




Thanks :joy::joy:

Edit: i love your profile pic! Back to chipmunk :wink:


It’s a skunk. :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh damn! :joy: Skunk ! I’d love it if it was chipmunk… smelly skunk lol


Nice weather you have @Honey8 !! :heart_eyes:


It’s the Skunk Works logo.


Ooooh! An aircraft designing organization… it’s got a nice black white logo… :hushed:
Never kmew about this listening first time…

Don’t come in afternoon! You’ll die out of heat :joy:


I mention this every time I swap to this avatar and someone brings it up. :joy:


I won’t, don’t worry… I love this kind of temperature/weather… :heart: :blush:


You know right i am lost person and hardly here… maybe I didn’t read it before :roll_eyes::open_mouth:

Then invited! :smiley::heart_eyes::hugs:


Yaaaaayyyy!!! :blush: :tada: :tada: :heart_eyes: :hugs: :hugs: :sun_with_face:


How have you been tho… so loong talking :kissing_heart::hugs:


My dear a bit busy between inktober and normal chores… :sweat_smile: but all fine! :hugs: :hugs: Don’t stress yourself too much with studies and stuff! :hugs:


Nooo!! I don’t stress… you wanna see my schedule ?! :joy:
I get up early like 3 or 4 whenever i feel like. I study for hour and then watch a YouTube mindvalley talk for a while… then school.
After school a rest of 1 hr and back to work. !

Ik i am having less sleep hours but trust me i am living my days to fullest! :heart_eyes::smiley::hugs: And Missing people. If there were 25 hrs truly I’d be happy and spent that 1 extra hr here hehe


:scream: Toooooo much busy!! Be careful, eat well and get some sleep!!! :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :heart:


And toooo much lively :joy::joy:

Yes yesh my dear sweet angel! (Since soo long i didn’t call anyone my angel! :scream:) My sweet angel I’ll take care. I eat well even if i have teeth pain and rest when I am tired and take regular breaks and love you :heartbeat::kissing_heart:


Awwwww!!my sweet dear!! Take care! Hope the pain will heal soon!! :hugs: :hugs: :heart:


Been rainy and gloomy since Thursday. I’m tired of it.


Went from rainy and gloomy to cold.


All that it’s been here is smoke smoke smoke…

These were 75*f clear blue sky days if not for all the troubles…