Wedding Song Idea Story


That’s pretty bad-a! Haha did you char the outside of the boxes yourself? They look awesome haha dead pool socks…I have to add them to my repertoire lol my tapatio hot sauce socks are on here somewhere :stuck_out_tongue: I’m too shy to put the batsman ones with the cape up hehe

A little idea to add! Getting them belt buckles of different superheroes :grin: best man gets the wonder woman one hehe


@amitrish Haha darn right it’s a crossover episode :rofl: I’ll do my best otherwise I’m sure I could make more :grin:

@framos1792 thanks! Yeah I did char it! My family has does quite a bit of wood working, and I’ve always liked the charred look. I have quite a few deadpool socks along with a few other gamer/nerdy socks haha. Can’t be ashamed there :nerd_face:
Love it :rofl: best man should definitely wear a wonder woman one!


How I love your idea!! What a way to pay tribute to LP AND your union together. I love it.

Just my two cents - One More Light mourns the loss of a friend who died. I’m not so sure the melancholy melody is ideal for a wedding. HOWEVER! What about Castle of Glass, Iridescent or The Catalyst? Each of those has a more bonding theme in the lyrics.

As for the first dance - and to hilaryfol, what about “A Light That Never Comes” as you and your beloved are each other’s light that came!


@lmildon This is true, mostly went with it because it’s one of our favorite songs (I even have it tattooed on my arm), haven’t found many more with the cello, but whose to say I won’t?


Have you tried looking for Crawling? I think it should have a good sound with cello since the original has that particular intro and the whole sound as well… :thinking: but don’t know really… :sweat_smile: just wondering…


I actually did find crawling, didn’t think it was all that bad just not sure how I feel for it to be a wedding song haha.

Iridescent is actually really nice too.


Cool! :smile:


Congrats!!! Can’t wait to see your pictures!!


@bassilok thanks! :grin:


When you said nerdy, I imagined your invitations looked like this :stuck_out_tongue:

And don’t forget to add this to your vows! Lol


I would definitely do that for my invitations! Lol but I’m pretty sure that wont fly :rofl:
But I might have to add the fries to my wedding vows :laughing:


UPDATE: We have started a health kick to lose a little bit of weight… I think it’d be safe to say “It’s Easier to Run” at this point right? :rofl:


@justinkilmer, I was immidiatly intrigued by this topic! I love it when people use songs that not many other people use for weddings and stuff. This one is awesome to use :smile: congratz by the way :wink:

My husband and I used this song. I can still picture myself walking down the aisle :heart_eyes:

So I’m 100% sure you guys will have the same with the song you chose, it’s gonna be perfect! Can’t wait for the pictures :smile: enjoy the preparations