Weekly LPU Chat Meet Up on Sundays 8pm CET


I know that most of the LPU members only use the chat when there is a band chat happening or they only occasionally drop by. Since the chat is a great way to meet other LPUers and actually talk to them, we (= some LPUers) have decided to schedule a weekly meet up in the chat on Sundays at 8pm.
During this time, the occasionally chatter can be sure that the chat is full and it’s worth to stop by.
If you have some time on Sundays, 8PM CET, please join the chat, even if it’s just for a few minutes to say hello. It would be cool to start this as a new LPU tradition.
You are new or you have never used the LPU chat? Don’t be shy! Meet us all there on Sunday and we will all have a blast together!

Spread the word!


I am not a bot and I will come.


I am a bot and I will not come.


Sounds fun. I try to remember to stop there in next sunday.


I saw your tweet last Sunday but I wasn’t able to join. :confused: I’ll be there on the next for sure!


good idea guys!
most of the time i forget about the chat , which is ashame because it can be fun and its the only good way to really talk to other LP fans as well xD

ill see if i can make it around that time/… i live in europe, so maybe its gonna be hard


I hope I can join next Sunday :smiley:


I’ll join next Sunday :slight_smile: That’s great idea!


I hope to see you all there! No stress, this meet up will be every Sunday, so just come to the next one if you can’t make it.


I’ll make sure to pop by


The meet up will be at 8pm German time! I will post the time in different time zones later