Weird coincidence in these music vids


Flo Rida - I cry
watch 3:33. I noticed the same running baby as in the what I’ve done music video! :smiley:

What I’ve Done
you can see the baby at 2:32! :smiley:


Wow you got good eyes.


There is another quick scene of a soldier at 2:27. is the same soldier as “What I’ve done” music video! :open_mouth:


wow, i watched these videos hundreds times and I never noticed that [surprised]


I think a lot of the non-Linkin Park video clips are common clips, I’ve seen other ones other places


looks like they have used some popular common vids in both the songs :slight_smile:


Use of the same stock footage is easily repeatable


that’s true!! :smiley: weird


it’s the same child XD


Wow. Thats really interesting.


[quote][/quote] lol true! But lp’s mv is much better! :smiley:


Wow! How I never noticed before? O.O You got good observing eyes :slight_smile: Maybe they used the same footage,you know ,just like when some movie posters are just edited into a new one.


WOW! But WID MV is muuuuuuch better! —of course


This is probably because What I’ve Done features some pieces of well-known footage, images that have been spread all over the world, which could be seen as some kind ogf ‘stock footage’ and which may have played an important role in cinematic history. Just like the needle happened to be from Requiem for a Dream (not sure), the polar bear was taken from a documentary or news bulletin, and the footage including political affairs was also used in international broadcasts. It’s remarkable that you’ve noticed this similarity, but as a student in film, I’d say that this way of ‘sharing’ motion pictures is quite common. They did the same thing in ATS songs, like Wretches and Kings, only by using sound instead of picture. (…says the know-it-all.) -Pickles


woooow, i would’ve never noticed that because i dont listen to flo rida but thats awesome hahah great you noticed that :smiley:


I would not have noticed it if I was you, good eye lol XD