Well valentine's day is coming up


what love song do you love to listen to what types of valentine’s time poem do you like or pics do you like post it and have fun. be creative and have fun.

I know valentine’s day tomorrow, but I want to wish everyone a happy early valentine’s day. :heart_eyes::blush:


I listen to Valentine’s Day by LP, haha


I listen to valentine’s day by linkin park too. Not only because I’m not dating is because I enjoy listen to the song. :smile:


valentines day
in the end
stuck on stupid :stuck_out_tongue:
“my December” is February lol
Happy Valentines to all soldiers in all four corners of the world :champagne:


I hate Valentine’s Day, but Valentine’s Day by Linkin Park is a great song. However, it is about Chester’s father dying so…
But if you’re looking for good love songs, try:
Good To You, Beside You - Marianas Trench
Into You, Love Me Harder, My Everything - Ariana Grande
Thinking Out Loud - Ed Sheeran
Overwhelming - Jon Bellion
Soap, Training Wheels - Melanie Martinez
A lot of pop, but that brings forth beautiful love songs.

Hidden Meaning in Valentines Day

I did not know that this song was about that at least but in
few week or months someone on youtube told me and I did not know that.
how did you know about that did you check it up or something.

I dont know which song made me cry i think it was my december or valentine’s day i dn’t know can’t remember.


I heard it from a YouTube music critic who was talking about Minutes To Midnight


Valentine’s Day by LP… just cuz.


Just now Where’d You Go played on the radio :blush: