What 2 lp songs would you put together?


if you could take the lyrics from 1 lp song and put the corus from another 1 into it what would it be, example mine would be the lyrics from points of authority, and the corus from with you and put them together that would be my song, whats yours?


Thats a good combination, but my favorites are Iridescent and Powerless. I would take the first verse of Powerless and the chorus of Iridescent and put them together. The best two songs that saved me and that I one today.


Mike’s rapping sections from Lost In The Echo with Chester’s chorus in Faint. Hells to the yeah :smiley:


I would maybe add the Given Up-Bridge to Victimized (instead of the Qwerty-Bridge). So they could swap Given Up for Qwerty at their concerts. Would be awesome to have Victimized, Qwerty and Given Up-Bridge all at one concert! :smiley: