What about the rest of your family?


my husband rather listen to other music. but a few songs from lp he likes. my daughter (5) and my 7 years old son likes lp a little bit. but my oldest son (8) likes linkin park almost like i. his favorite song is final mascquerade. leastways one in my family. :blush: but to go with me to a lp-concert he´s to young. we have to wait a few years. and your family? is there someone who loves linkin park too?


hey :smile:
two of my friends. with whom i had been tho the concert in Collogne, My mum and dad like rock music so LP is something they listen to when it comes on tv or radio… but… i am lucky that most of my friends like rock and alternatiive.

But my dads best friend is LP Fan as well. so i have someone to talk to… :slight_smile:


Most of my family doesn’t even know Linkin Park. Only my dad kinda likes them (because of me) and my mom likes the more quite songs like Shadow Of The Day and so on. Some of my friends also like Linkin Park, but they aren’t really fans of them… I feel kinda lonely here, coz there is no one to talk to


My sister and my brother love Linkin Park :smiley: And my Mom likes the last three albums of them.
And I think my Dad had liked them too. So I´m proud of my family :smiley:


i know what you mean. my friends only hear german music. and my husband says “i don´t want to hear” when i talk about linkin park :smile:


My Parents went to 2 concerts with me, my dad like LP a lot, my mom a few songs ^^


oh be glad all of you , who are in the lucky position to have someone :slight_smile:


Even to this day, whenever I play LP and my mom hears it, she thinks that Chester is an angry screaming lady. As a teenager I used to listen to LP together with my sibling and cousin. But both of 'm kind of stopped following the band after Meteora. Most of my friends don’t really like LP either. And so when LP came to Amsterdam this year I had no one to go with me. But I met some awesome fellow LP fans there, so no biggie.

You guys are lucky to have people nearby to share your taste in music with :smile:


I’ve won my parents over eventually with Linkin Park. My dad likes more older stuff, like Motown-era music, but he does have a few modern selections on his iPod, like Adele and some LP. He’s really big on the Backstreet Boys, too. My mom will listen to anything, really. Anything from light favorites, to classic rock, to Frank Sinatra, to some pop music.

My sisters on the other hand…My oldest sister (two years younger than me) will listen to anything as well, but she likes more show tunes, some pop selections, some rock selections,. My other two sisters love modern pop “music”, rap, and basically anything that doesn’t sound like anything I listen to.

Me, on the other hand, I’m game for anything, really, from heavy metal to classic rock, and anything in between.


My dad likes to go see them live, my mom likes the softer music. My boyfriend loves Linkin Park, but not as much as nine inch nails


My father isn’t interested in music at all, my sister pretends that she hates LP only because I love them but she used to play “Numb” on piano recently, my mum likes the softer songs and listens to them when they got played in radio… but luckily 2 of my friends enjoy LP a lot!


no one in my family is interested in this genre or style of music let alone Linkin Park :c


Nobody in my family or outside-LPU circle that loves LP. Neither have they ever understood my obsession. Used to be not much fun growing up as a teen, but now I always go to LP shows alone or with friends I met through LPU, or just meet up with them there. :smile:


My older sister likes them


All of my friends doesn’t like rock very much, so I’m kind of alone in this subject.
One of my best grilfriends like LP too, but not I do.
But, hey, we will always have each other to talk to!


My older brother likes LP, but when Living Things was coming out, he told me he thought they were from England. ~facepalm~ :joy: