What am I even supposed to do with these?


Seriously, bit disappointed in the large mystery box when the large proportion of it was these fellas. Still, loving the t-shirts. Although $60 postage hurt a little


They’re little storage canisters that can be attached to a lanyard. They didnt come with earplugs in them?


Nah, they’re completely empty. Could hold a lot of them with these!


Boo. Well you can put earplugs in them and have something keychainable you can bring into the mosh pit without dropping and losing them!

You could also put things that are not ear plugs in them too. Be a rebel!

Weird that they gave you multiples, lol.


That they can store…?? Few did not understand that it represents of yourself…
And look pretty cool)))


i put gummie bears in my…


They are great for my pills, especially during the last concert, I had a watertight with a dude in the pit there to see slayer at sound wave and I was really worried my vallium would get wet, luckily this little dovalackie saved me, (I have seizures so I really would have been screwwed without my PRN)

Also great for gum, tobacco if you roll your own and want an emergency stash, emergency notes of money for taxi or whatever, glitter, because glitter kis kickass, or paper and tiny pen in case you run into the band and you don’t want to carry stuff to be signed in the pit :slight_smile: